Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Progress

The maker's list has been a moderate success!

A success as several items have been satisfactory completed, but only moderate as several items have been added -- not all stash-related.

Pictured are some of the finished objects (FOs):

  1. Spring Forward socks - These were about 75% done at the start of this list.  They were so much fun to knit, an easy to memorize pattern resulting in a simple lace with undulating curve.  I used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel in these.  I am not a complete convert, but following Patti's directions does yield an excellent and comfortable fit.  (Ravelry Link)
  2. The Almost Lost Washcloth - A quick knit that took only two nights, one at the kids' 8th grade orchestra concert.  My grandmother used to always knit up dish clothes, so  I have a sentimental attachment and enjoy using them, at least as much as it is possible to enjoy the dishes.  This one has a pleasing shape, and the pattern is also easily memorized.  (Ravelry Link)
  3. Dog Under My Desk (DUMD) Zip and Go -- AKA my dog walking bag!  Erin's bag patterns are fantastically detailed and photographed.  As Eastern Pennsylvania is finally leaving jacket season, I needed something to hold my ginormous phone, poop bags (empty), and house key as many outfits lack pockets.  I was able to cut this out of stash fabric one night and sew it up the next.  Win!  (Pattern Link)
  4. Ecclefechan Mitts by Kate Davies --Kate's designs are simply enchanting.  Each new one delights and tempts me to cast on something new.  The color work in these kept me motivated, but I struggled keeping the garter stitch from gaping so they languished on the side for awhile. In the end, every third stitch was decreased to tighten up the fit. (Ravelry Link)
  5. Appleton Dress -- This might be the first wear-able garment I have ever completed.  No picture, but the pattern is easy to follow and the resulting dress earned a lot of compliments. (Pattern Link)
  6. Repair of strap on camera bag (not pictured)