Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blog About Nothing

In the famous words of Jerry Seinfeld, "It's a blog [show] about nothing." It's an on-line journal for my hand-made items (which I sometimes gift, but never sell) and random musings.

At the eleventh hour of blogs, I have decided to jump in and add my own craft pursuits.  The reading will not be riveting as I work full-time as a teacher and have two very sporty fourteen year-olds, hence the blog's title.  I can often be found sitting and knitting on the sidelines of various soccer, lacrosse and baseball games when not forced to huddle to keep out of the rain or cold.  Knitting time is supplemented with the hours spent in carlines and doctor's waiting rooms.  I try to sneak some knitting or sewing in each evening, but sometimes when tired just peruse others' craft blogs and marvel over the possibilities.  So there will be a lot of works-in-progress and only occasionally a finished object.  I am also trying to hone my repair skills as we have a very puppyish three-year old lab mix who loves the taste of lovely wool.  Sadly there are apparently also some elusive moths in residence who enjoy the same.

Up for today, daughter's lacrosse game, son's soccer game, and a 5K run for each.  In my hand-work world, I continue to plug away on Spring Forward socks and have just begun swatching for Braid Hills.  I am notoriously bad about skipping the swatches, but I also generally only do small projects (mittens, hats, socks, etc).  I do not mind ripping back and reworking, it's all a part of the process for me.  This is the first sweater I am attempting in years though and as the yarn is dear, I want a good result.  Fingers crossed.

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